Sierra Club et at., v. Village of Painted Post, et al.
Index No. 2012-0810

Motion to Dismiss and/or for Summary Judgment

The following papers were filed August 3, 2012, by Respondents the Village of Painted Post, Painted Post Development, LLC and SWEPI, LP.

      1. Verified Answer
      2. Notice of Motion
      3. Memorandum of Law
      4. Affidavit of Roswell Crozier with exhibits
      5. Affidavit of Larry Smith with exhibits
      6. Affidavit of Robert Drew with exhibits
      7. Affidavit of William Myles
      8. Affidavit of Anne Names
      9. Affidavit of William Gough
      10. Administrative Record, certification
        1. Resolution for Negative Declaration on Lease
        2. Resolution for Water Sale Agreement
        3. Lease Agreement
        4. Water Sale Agreement
        5. Full Environmental Assessment Form
        6. Pertinent Agency Correspondence
        7. Sketch Plan of Transloading Facility
        8. Engineering Drawings of Transloading Facility Site
        9. Hunt Report November 11, 2011
        10. Deed to Ingersoll-Rand Foundry Site 2005
        11. Notices under Deed
        12. SRBC Correspondence Concerning Authorization of the Water Withdrawal



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