Hakes Construction and Demolition Debris Landfill

4376 Manning Ridge Road, Painted Post, Town of Campbell, Steuben County, New York
Operated by Casella Waste Systems, Montpelier, Vermont

Permit, Manuals and Reports

Permit under Article 27, Title 7; 6 NYCRR 360: Solid Waste Management. DEC Permit No. 8-4630-00010/00001-0, Facility No. 51D03, effective 11/10/03, modified 089/21/06,09/11/07, 09/30/11, 04/05/12, expiration 11/10/13

Application for permit modification and correspondence with DEC regarding permit modification, 11/03/11 - 03/23/12

Operation and Maintenance Manual, revised March 2012, redlined to show changes

Environmental Management Plan, revised March 2012

4th Quarter 2011 Report, submitted February 2012

3rd Quarter 2011 Report, submitted November 2011

4th Quarter 2011 Surface Water Monitoring Report, submitted February 2012

3rd Quarter 2011 Surface Water Monitoring Report, submitted November 2011

2008 Annual Report, submitted February 2009

2011 4Q Table 1, Current and Historic Leachate Analytic Results, 11/9/2009, 5/4/2010, 11/17/2010, 5/10/2011, 11/8/2011

2008 Table 1, Current and Historic Leachate Analytic Results, 11/9/2006, 3/28/2007, 12/6/2007, 5/13/2008, 11/12/2008

Page 4 of 2011 4Q showing leachate quantities

Regulatory Requirements

6 NYCRR Part 360: Solid Waste Management Facilities

Subpart 360-1: General Provisions

Subpart 360-2: Landfills

Subpart 360-2: Landfills - Page 1

Subpart 360-2: Landfills - Page 2

Subpart 360-2: Landfills - Page 3

Subpart 360-3:Solid Waste Incinerators Or Refuse-Derived Fuel Processing Facilities Or Solid Waste Pyrolysis Units

Subpart 360-4:Land Application Facilities

Subpart 360-5:Composting Facilities

Subpart 360-6:Liquid Storage

Subpart 360-7:Construction and Demolition Debris Landfills

Subpart 360-8:Long Island Landfills

Subpart 360-9: State Assistance and Loans For Municipal Landfill Closure Projects

Subpart 360-10:Regulated Medical Waste Storage, Transfer, and Disposal

Subpart 360-11:Transfer Stations

Subpart 360-12:Recyclables Handling and Recovery Facilities

Subpart 360-13:Waste Tire Storage Facilities

Subpart 360-14:Used Oil

Subpart 360-15:Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Planning

Subpart 360-16:Construction and Demolition Debris Processing Facilities

Subpart 360-17:Regulated Medical Waste Treatment Facilities






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